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Let's Have Fun!

Taking an art class can help inspire and enlighten you as you go through your daily life.

Learning something new strengthens us and gives us confidence.

Our brain learns new pathways to run on and we can see the world in new ways.


In these classes you will not only learn techniques and processes to create art but also learn how to relax and enjoy the creative brain God has given you.


Come along and enjoy the journey of creating something new!

Bright & Beautiful Beginnings

Coming Soon!

Come join my group and virtually learn how to paint Bright and Beautiful Abstract Acrylic Paintings in the comfort of Your own home.


This month long e-course will have Live weekly lessons that demonstrate how to paint abstractly. In addition, all 4 lessons will be recorded and available for Your personal replay for 6 weeks.


Some of the Topics we'll be Covering :

Bright Color Basics and Combinations

How Value and Neutrals Pop your Painting

Abstract Shape and Form without a Subject

Abstract History and Much More!


You will be encouraged and find joy in the freedom of your painting process.


Extra Bonus: There will also be a Facebook Group where you will be able to share your work with other students, ask questions and enjoy the journey together.  


Come join us and have a great time painting Bright and Beautiful Artwork.

   Bright & Beautiful Beginnings - $150  

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