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Your Words

Your Colors

When you have an idea you would like in a painting, it can make the piece even more special.

This custom painting would still be in my abstract, textured style, but be embedded with pictures, a song, or words, that you choose.

I can focus the colors to match your interiors, or I can let the painting develop in its own way from the images or words you have given me.

The Process:

1. Email, Zoom or talk with me about your ideas. Would you like certain words or images in your piece?

Also, let me know if you have specific colors you would like to incorporate. If you are thinking of sending something to embed into this piece, please consider making a copy of the original.

Once incorporated in the painting, you would not be able to retrieve your items again.

2. Also in our communication, let me know the pieces of my artwork that you like the best.

This will give me an idea of what you are looking forward to seeing.

I also need to know the size you prefer your painting to be. 

3. We will then be in contact regarding costs, deposit amount, and shipping charges for your artwork.

Depending on the size of the piece, it may take several weeks or months to create.

If it is a larger piece, I will send you a picture during the process.

When the painting is done, I will send you photos so you can see the final result of our painting that we created together.

After receiving the final payment, the painting will be shipped to your home.



Julie Peterson wpic.JPG
Joanne Suther wpic.JPG
Mary Satorius wpic.JPG
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