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Where Will Your Talent Lead You (or How to Begin)

"There is something delicious about writing those first few words of a story. You can never quite tell where they will take you. Mine took me here, where I belong."

Miss Potter (Movie 2006)

This quote from the beginning and ending of the movie Miss Potter, reminds me of the journey we take as Creatives, and how we really don't know where our talent will take us. Like authors of books, we many times don't know where our creations may lead our hearts and even our lives, so we tend to fear or hide from the possible outcomes. The way calls us (the paintbrush, pencil, or idea) but will we answer, becomes the question. No matter how many years we avoid our "calling" it is still there waiting for us. The gift of creativity doesn't go away, nor does the One who gave us the gift.

For many this is the end of the story. They avoid "it" till "it" no longer seems a possibility in their lives. I challenge you to go further. I must say, this challenge is for you and myself also. This is why I am starting this Blog, to challenge myself to not only be influenced, but to influence others. How do you begin to discover where your Gift can lead your life?

By beginning....

Too simple you say! It is more complicated than all that! Not really. To pick up the pencil, paintbrush or idea that is much to ridiculous to believe in, is to really make a decision in your mind, you are worth the time and effort the gift demands. Your voice is important enough to be heard. Your heart is strong enough to go forth, and make a difference. We all want to stop hiding our creativity in our homes, closets, and hearts. Why not take a step forward in your journey to see where it may lead? As David did in 1 Samuel, encourage yourself in the Lord, and you may find doorknobs turning that had long ago become dusty, and paths appearing that had long ago been forgotten. The first small step may lead you to the next giant leap.

"We did it! Did you hear my heart? It was a kettle drum! You see, we can't stay home all our lives! We must present ourselves to the world, and we must look upon it as an adventure."

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